Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shopping..not really!

We were looking for something to cover our sofa. Something happened and we have to find ways to cover it before sending it to the outlet where we bought. Something like a nice cloth :D. But unfortunately, we didn't find anything that suit our needs. :( I wish ikea is here. I love ikea.

Since we were at Metrojaya, let's window shopping! Haha. While we did that, we found this. Sunglasses for kids. So let's try baby.
Mama said that sunglasses is very important :D
This is too small i think

This is too big

Ben 10? This not feminin

Is this one ok papa?
After the try test session, we decided not to buy it. Papa said "tak payah beli kot. Nanti kejap dia dah patahkan." Ok, so let's listen to what papa said. Next time ok Izzah.

To be continued...

p.s - it's 11.45pm already and i must sleep now! :D
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