Tuesday, August 3, 2010

saya seorang mama

ye! saya adalah seorang mama...tp entri ni bkn pasal mama..hikhik..

pejam celik my daughter da pon 9 months..alhamdulillah..she grown up healthly with lots of development that worth remembering..kdg2 kelakar tgk keletah dia..mmg sgt seronok menjadi parents..serious beb! wa x tipu punya...

so..let see what babycenter says about 9 months development..9 moths 2 weeks especially..

"If your baby seems more clingy than usual, she's probably feeling separation anxiety - perfectly normal for a nine moth old" - yes exactly! cik ardini mmg akan mencari if she found out that her mama or papa are not around & then she started to make sad face..haha

"It's really good sign, showing that she's now able to distinguish between the familiar and unfamiliar. She may refuse to open her arms to ther adults, even ones she knows, and she may find bedtime distressing because it separates her from a mom & dad" - hmm btol la tu..tp bila nak tidoq, ada la rengek2 sikit..but so far alhamdulillah tido asing is not a problem with her since we all da ajar dia tdo dlm cot since day 2 of her birth..:)

so to parents out there, kalu nak ajar anak tdo sndr dlm cot, ajar awal2..:) insyaAllah xde masalah nnt..

and now..presenting my 9 months super cute daughter...tadaaaa

in the car on da way to PD..she's sooo active & x reti duk diam kt dlm car..from tha baby seat smpi mama kena angkat dia, pastu plak panjat2 nk berdiri..ish ikut perangai sape tah..haha


nota kaki: nak beli shoes utk izzah..hmm bli kt mana ye?

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