Tuesday, August 10, 2010

why izzah never had a pacifier & a cradle

when i was in confinement period at kampung, there were so many relatives, friends and people were coming to visit me n my little baby izzah ardini..some of them asked " bagi puting x?"
i said "tak.."..they asked another question.."tdo masuk buai?" i said "tak jugak"..

before izzah was born, hubby n i decided not to give our baby a pacifier & not to let her or him sleep in a cradle..below is an article from babycenter.com which really helps..

Written for babycenter Malaysia

"The British Dental Health Foundation advises discouraging the use of pacifier as it can result in problem as teeth grow and develop. The longer a baby uses a pacifier, the more chance there is of change the shape of inside of your baby's mouth which can effect how the baby teeth, and later on the permanent teeth, meet when biting."

ok, that part of it..some more, we don't want izzah and us to rely on the pacifier when she's crying or wanna sleep..my mom said " korang sume dulu mak xde bagi puting pun..kalau anak nangis tu normal la..sabar2 la melayan karenah anak"..hmm i totally agreed! yes mak..i love u...thanks for being patient and take a very good care to all of us..

lagipon kan..rase cam x comel jek kalo sumbat puting kat baby..that's my opinion la kan..xtau la org lain..hehe

owh, about the cradle..we also decided not to have a cradle for izzah because of below reasons..

- can lead to shaken baby syndrom if not being operated properly (kot la kang swing kuat2, tehentak or bergegar kepala baby..not good for baby ok!)

- when the baby da pandai meniarap or merangkak, probably she will meniarap dlm buai tu kang...silap2 hari bulan jatuh beb!..ngeri2

- memenuhkan boot kereta...nak blk kg or travel kena bwk buai plak...malas weh..kang dgn stroller lg..ah leceh2..wpon kete aku besor..hahaha.."ter"riak plak..sori2..hehe

- we don't want her to depend on the cradle whenever she wants to sleep..abes kalo dlm kereta, teruk la mama..nak kena kendong jadik mcm buai plak..

so..the conclusion is no pacifier & cradle for u cik izzah ardini...so far we are doing really good...mama & papa sentiasa bersabar melayan karenah izzah...let her develop naturally is the best way...dia nangis tu biar jek..nk test vocal..xyah nak sumbat2 puting ok! and for mr papa, thanks a lot for being such a great papa to our lovely daughter, being there for us especially bila mama nak masak, papa will take care of izzah..hehehe..tolong tukarkan baju izzah bila nak tidokan dia..byk lg la...luv u so much!!

izzah develops everyday..she can sit without support at 7 months ++ and at the age of 8 months she can stand up on her own with support of the furniture of course..now she's cruising..happy cruising dear! :) normally babies will crawl first before they sit down and stand up..but izzah ni terbalik skit..she sits, stand up and then crawl to her dream destination..:) ok, mama da x payah mop lantai sbb sluar izzah da tlg mop..huahuahua...

oklah, till then..tata!

nota kaki: raya thn ni izzah da bleh mkn kuih raya..gigi da tumbuh 4 batang..yeay!
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Lin Ghazale said...

Sama la kita. Tp aku pnh try dua2. Atas desakan org. Aku riiimas nak dgr. Pastu aku tunjuk yg Fifi taknak dua2. Diorg senyap! Degil betol!

Norain Nizar said...

haa tu la..degil kan diorg? dah kate xnak tu..x nak la..haha