Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Countdown for 27 October 2010

The date Izzah was born. We are very happy and blessed to have a daughter like her. Cute, genius, sweet, lovely, all blended together to make us proud to be her parent. She is now walking and talking (with baby's language ofcoz). She could do the "sengih" expression, she could do the sad face, she laughs, she cries. In overall SHE IS AWESOME!

Before she was born..in my tummy

Day 1..putih merah melepak :)

Meniarap @ 5 months

Crawling position @ 7 months

Sitting unsupported @ 7.5 months
Standing up with support @ 8 months
Started cruising at 8.5 moths
Panjat itu walker @ 10 months
Ok, let's go shopping! @ 11 months
Huh. Jenuh jugak nak cari gambar2 ni. Hehe. By the way Izzah will be having her birthday celebration twice. In JB & Malacca. InsyaAllah.  Bertuahnya anak ini. ^__^

Ok da abes kot. Kita tunggu cerita 1 tahun pulak. Daaaa
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