Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Very Last Two Series

Semakin menginjak dewasa nampaknya
Tinggal lagi setahun jagung akan melangkah ke series yang seterusnya
Ada orang kata, the 3rd series is a series of luxury, stability, maturity (ade ke perkataan ni? :P)
Is it true??
I don't know yet till i get through it
By the way, let's hope for the best for the upcoming years
Happiness, wealthness, healthiness
Ok, let's pray everyone


May I'm be blessed by Allah always

This is the latest pic of me :D

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Lady NK said...

hepi besday mama izzah :)) hhoho

faiez said...

Happy besday...xpe maintain cun..cume angka 3 series tu cm alahai..hikhik

mrs_nazir (Maz) said...

hi ain...xsangka u dah still cute... hot mama! happy belated bday!