Thursday, June 21, 2012

Premium Beautiful : There is No I in a TEAM!!

When I made my very first step into this Premium Beautiful business, I've never imagined how beautiful the culture in this business. First thing I learned was "we always have a guidance, support throughout the business journey and most important thing is we do it in a TEAM!" Therefore I'm not worried anymore. Just DO IT!

Kalau kita asyik dengar cakap orang, sampai bila pun tak kemana. Tak dapat apa-apa. It's true, when you going through the situation, then only you will know.

Since I started this business, one of the agenda is Business Meeting. Bertujuan untuk discuss ideas, goal setting and strategy of our business. If takde strategy macam mana nak achieve target kan? Paling best ada leaders yang dah berjaya yang sanggup nak curahkan ilmu untuk sama-sama berjaya. Semuanya free. Apa yang penting kita relakan diri untuk dibimbing. InsyaAllah pasti menjadi. Kalau nak berjaya MESTI tengok contoh orang yang berjaya. Buat apa buang masa tengok contoh yang gagal. Orang berjaya CONFIRM ada caranya dan yang gagal itu pasti bersebab. So yang mana satu kita nak pilih?

Be in the right group. Be part of my team.

The beautiful ladies with BIG dreams and BIG income =)

Setting efficient with CDM Sha Khalid and DDM Shaliza Aziz

Part of my group in Klang Valley!

Thumbs up Johorean! Part of my group in JB =)

Setting efficient with JB team for Paris & London Project!

Most of us doing this business as part time. Still boleh dapat side income 4-5 figures monthly. SOLID. If other people can do it, why don't you?

All you need to do is contact me

I will share with you the opportunities, the decision is still yours. No consultation fee. Trust me. It's FREE =)

" Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.. So..Move..move..move..the way,the opportunities are there already..just grab & full throttle..don't just sit and keep wondering, waiting & considering.."


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