Thursday, October 25, 2012

No Boundries

Seconds, hours, so many days

You know what you want, but how long can you wait?
Every moment last forever
When you feel you've lost your way
What if my chances were already gone?
I started believing that I could be wrong
But you give me one good reason
To fight and never walk away

So here I am, still holding on

With every step, you climb another mountain
Every breath, it's harder to believe
You'll make it through the pain, weather the hurricanes
To get to that one thing

Just when you think the road is going nowhere
Just when you almost gave up on your dreams
They take you by the hand and show you that you can

There are no boundaries

There are no boundaries

I fought to the limit, to stand on the edge
What if today is as good as it gets?
Don't know where the future's heading
But nothing's gonna bring me down

I've jumped every bridge and I've run every line
I risked being safe but I always knew why
I always knew why

So here I am, still holding on

With every step, you climb another mountain
Every breath, it's harder to believe
You'll make it through the pain, weather the hurricanes
To get to that one thing

Just when you think the road is going nowhere
Just when you almost gave up on your dreams
They take you by the hand and show you that you can

You can go higher, you can go deeper
There are no boundaries above and beneath you
Break every rule 'cause there's nothing between you
And your dreams

With every step, you climb another mountain
Every breath, it's harder to believe

Yeah, there are no boundaries

There are no boundaries

With every step, you climb another mountain
Every breath, it's harder to believe
You'll make it through the pain, weather the hurricanes

There are no boundaries

There are no boundaries

There are no boundaries


Monday, October 22, 2012

Exclusive Business Meeting di GLAM

First of all, tahniah kepada rakan-rakan kongsi yang hadir ke Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (GLAM) for upgrading knowledge in business. Ada yang datang all the way from Johor, Putrajaya, Klang & Kuala Lumpur. Semua berkumpul together as a family untuk sama-sama dapatkan bekalan yang bakal dikongsi dengan mereka yang lain. Seeing my business partners yesterday, mmg excited sangat. Walaupun ada yang first time kenal, but we can get a long because everyone has the same goal & dreams. For sure dalam apa perkara yang kita buat sekalipun mesti ada ILMU baru boleh berjaya. 

Actually Exclusive Business Meeting memang diadakan quarterly mengikut zon. And last sunday specially for central region. Tujuannya hanyalah satu iaitu all leaders nak share all the knowledge and their experience in Premium Beautiful business supaya hala tuju dalam bisnes lebih jelas especially for new comers. They have proven success CDM HanisCDM RazCDM Sha with 5-6 figures income. Gemuksss. And yes it's monthly!!

Their ideas & strategies are truly brilliant. Sampai sanggup sediakan Academy untuk all the businesswomen & businessmen mengasah skill & get the proper training and guidance to be a successful entepreneur. So GLAM is like a training ground for us. Syukur alhamdulillah kerana dijodohkan dengan kumpulan yang sangat2 hebat di bawah kepimpinan CDM Hanis. Honestly I can feel the family spirit among us. That is why in this business we have really BIG FAMILY with BIG INCOME!!! 90% are professionals in Green Leaders Group sekaligus menunjukkan yang there is no such thing as low class business. Sesiapa yang ada tanggapan sebegitu sememangnya anda silap. Just venture in this business then u will know ok.

All of us. With BIG DREAMS, aiming for BIG INCOME, strive for TIME & FINANCIAL FREEDOM

With CDM Hanis, serap aura kepimpinan beliau. She is truly a humble person eventhough her monthly income is RM 250K per month & she had plenty of quality time to spend with her family. Respect and adore her spirit

With CDM Sha, ex-IT Engineer in IBM now doing full time business. Her monthly income RM 40K. Awesomeness! Sha is the perfect example of "kecil-kecil cili padi" =)

With my mentor in this business, DDM Ieja. My ex-schoolmate and ex-banker now being a full time businesswoman with monthly income of RM 20K. I'm following her steps now!!

So everyone, let's get out from "comfort" zone to more comfort. Upgrade our life, get the quality life and be the BEST you can be. Yang mana masih ragu-ragu tu jangan risau ye. In this business every steps will be guided as long as you are in Green Leaders Group.

Because we are young and fun!!!

And last but not least,

Thank you to all biz partners yang hadir & million thanks to our supportive leaders yang turut sama dari awal hingga selesai.

Wait no more. Lets be with us. Call/text/whatsapp for fast reply okay.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Premium Beautiful Untuk Breastfeed Mom

Ramai juga yang bertanya, kalau breastfeed boleh ke pakai Premium Beautiful? Tak leceh ke nanti? Ok kali ni nak share info about this topic.

This is the Long Bra. If mommies nak breastfeed baby, just selak cup daripada atas. Cup PB ni lembut je so selesa sangat if nak selak and takde lah rasa bulky macam bra biasa yang ada padding tu.

In term of postur badan pula, when you wear Premium Beautiful, your body postur akan tegak. Even dalam kedaan biasa if nak breastfeed baby kita seeloknya dalam keadaan tegak kan which sometimes kita rasa lenguh. So bila pakai Premium Beautiful ni secara automatik badan kita akan disokong. Mudah kan?

Now, macam mana pula dengan pemakaian Premium Beautiful boleh banyakkan susu badan untuk breastfeed mom?

Okey, as all of we know, Premium Beautiful nie memang dah ditenun dengan Far Infrared Rays (F.I.R.) ke dalam setiap helaian benang fabrik Premium Beautiful tersebut. Dalam hal nak tambah susu badan nie, F.I.R. nie la yang banyak sekali memainkan peranan. Macam mana F.I.R. berfungsi plak yer? These are some of the information yang I dapat from the internet...:) Keep on reading okay...:)

Dengan pemakaian Premium Beautiful secara consistent, F.I.R. dalam Premium Beautiful tu akan improve the blood circulation in your breast. Sebab tu, kalau kiter pakai Premium Beautiful, kiter akan raser warm, tapi bukan panas yer. Bukan jenis berpeluh tue. Tapi, raser hangat dan sangat selesa.

This F.I.R. will penetrates deep within the soft tissues of the breast area, helping to reduce swelling, relieve pain, and most importantly enhance the lymphatic drainage process. Not only that, F.I.R. will actually stimulates and speeds up the circulation in the breast. Increasing circulation on every level is the key to a healthy cells. F.I.R. dilates the tiny blood vessels and capillaries relieving swelling, pain and speeding the lymphatic drainage process through the lymph nodes. F.I.R. also stimulates metabolic changes in living cells. This helps to produce energy for vital processes, and assist with the elimination of waste particles generated from the metabolic process. F.I.R. is good for the breast tissues and will help reduce any stagnant or pooling of lymph fluid in and around the cells.

Secara simple nyer, Premium Beautiful could balance hormon dalam badan kita. F.I.R. juga akan mempercepatkan blood circulation dalam so penghasilan susu badan akan lebih banyak compared to normal.

Jadi untuk para ibu yang sedang breastfeeding, or bercadang untuk breastfeed anak mereka, you can always wear Premium Beautiful sambil breastfeed. Tak susah mana pon dear, just tarik cup bra tue ke bawah, and you're ready to go...:) Susu yang terhasil akan lebih berkualiti, sebab proses detoxification from our body also akan terjadi once kiter pakai Premium Beautiful.

For more info and free trial, contact me ok. Ada special price sepanjang bulan Oktober plus ada free gifts worth RM 400 =)


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Share Your Dreams And Chase It!

Alhamdulillah..malam selasa lepas dah selesai business meeting with my team in JB. Eventhough ada yang tak dapar hadir atas sebab-sebab tertentu, masing-masing tetap bersemangat sedut tips dan ilmu yang disampaikan. Congrats kepada yang hadir pada malam itu ya. Elly, Syikin, Ieyda, Faeza & Fitri.

For me, I feel blessed. Group dah semakin berkembang. Kalau dulu hanya 1 meja sahaja sekarang dah kena sambung meja. If semua rakan kongsi di JB dapat hadir, confirm sambung 3 meja =)

Not just businesswomen, now we have a businessman in our group! Lelaki pun boleh buat bisnes Premium Beautiful okay. And we are the TRUSTED Premium Beautiful Agent

I choosed Grand Paragon Hotel for our business meeting. Like the environment and tempat tak bising so mudah nak berdiskusi. Paling penting the Penang Char Kuey Tiaw adalah sedapp!! Macam dah jadi tempat wajib untuk business meeting di JB. Bila berkumpul ramai-ramai macam ni and all with positive mind attitude, kerja jadi lebih mudah.


Each one of us mempunyai impian tersendiri. Bottom line is whether kita berani atau tak untuk jadikan impian itu suatu kenyataan. Sebab tu kita mesti berani mengambil langkah pertama. Bermula dengan langkah pertama, seharusnya kita semakin berani untuk terus melangkah. Kepada yang masih tercari-cari macam mana cara nak tambah income or nak income tetap setiap bulan minimum 4 angka, you can contact me & I will share the details. Just by using facebook & blog you can build your business empayar. Cool kan?

Choose the right group
Be with us!

Drop me a message or text/whatsapp/call


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Beauty Is Desire...Beauty Reflect Success...

Each of us mesti selalu dengar tentang collagen kan? Nowadays macam-macam brand ada with various flavour. However, do you really know what is collagen?

Collagen is a protein type in our body. Simple. But you should also know that in our body too, there are other types of proteins. Collagen only makes up about 25% of total proteins found in our body. And in our body too, there are about 25 types of collagens! Among these 25 collagens, 12 of them can be found on your skin. Now do you see the connection between aging (looking young) and collagen?

Connection Between Collagen and Aging

Aging is related to collagen directly.

When you age or become older, the collagen production becomes slower. Therefore, your skin begin to lose their elasticity.

It is highly important that you know about collagen by the time you hit the age of 30! During this age too, collagen production will start to slow down and you'll notice fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Smoking and being exposed to the UV rays (sun) can accelerate this collagen decrease rate. Therefore, when you purchase anti-aging products, they actually contain collagen because collagen helps to rebuild your skin cells (making you look younger), particularly the dermis!

Now you've got an idea how important this collagen to your skin right?

So wait no more ladies! If you are entering the 3-series, better get one for your skin!!! Mesti nak jaga kulit kannnn..

BB Plus Collagen in the house!!!

Specially formulated to Repair, Rebuild and Renew

With blackcurrant flavour. Sedap!!

How does BB Plus Works?

Repair - Promote micro cleansing, replenishes collagen peptides to damage or weak collagen network

Rebuild - Strengthens and protects collagen network through antioxidant

Renew - Promotes growth and production of new collagen cells

Special price for my customers plus a FREE GIFT lagiii

You can choose either

Guangzhou Fridge Magnet


Guangzhou Keychain

with every purchase of BB Plus!!!

And promotion with every purchase of 4 box BB Plus will get FREE 1 box BB Plus together with this cute tumbler!!

It's BPA FREE girls =)


Call/SMS/Text me for more info ye. If you want a free sample pon boleh. Just leave me a message okay.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Premium Beautiful : Testimoni

Congrats Kak Fazlin!!!

Dengan pemakaian Premium Beautiful secara konsisten selama 30 hari dan pengambilan lactolite setiap hari, she lost 10 kg!!!

Confirm Aidiladha nanti bertambah berseri-seri =)

Premium Beautiful serves to support your bust, define the waist line and flatten the stomach.

Anyone yang nak FREE TRIAL this amazing corset, do contact me ya. Our agents berada di seluruh Malaysia ready tu share with you.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Business Trip To Kuala Lumpur

Sememangnya trip ke KL sudah menjadi trip wajib setiap bulan. Trip yang bukan saja-saja tapi trip yang penuh dengan aktiviti mainly for business purpose and other thing like shopping ;) Izzah and Ifra alhamdulillah senang nak dibawa berjalan. Diorang faham yang mama sedang bekerja kuat untuk masa depan mereka. Good girl kan? I am blessed to be sorrounded by supportive person, hubby and kids.

So trip kali ni memang khas untuk rakan kongsi yang berada di Zon tengah iaitu KL dan kawasan sekitarnya and seorang from Ipoh. Seronok dapat tunaikan tanggungjawab membantu rakan kongsi & berkongsi tips bisnes. Syukur sangat group semakin berkembang. Azam lepas ni nak kembangkan lagi sayap bisnes ke seluruh Malaysia. Amin..

Semakin ramai semakin meriah. Masing-masing punya impian yang besar.

Schoolmate yang kini menjadi business partners. Engineers with a goal to be a mumpreneur! We are mama with 2 kids ;)

Business meeting diadakan pada ahad lepas (semalam) at Restoran Bumbu Desa, Midvalley Megamall. Macam dah jadi port favorite untuk lunch for my family. Well the food adalah sedapppp. ;) So after the business meeting terus je lunch with family kat sini.

* Gambar food takde tapi boleh refer HERE

Kalau makteh ada, Izzah tak heran dah dengan mama papa

Pakde with Waiz Imtiyaz

Alang-alang dah sampai KL kalau tak shopping memang tak sah. Hehe. Terapi katanya. Aktiviti penambahan koleksi tudung untuk 6 bulan berlangsung dengan jayanya!! Hajat nak collect halfmoon shawl tercapai. I sukaaaa!!

Love all the hijab. 4 pcs from Sugarscarf + 2 pcs from Arzu + 3 Arzu inners. Lovely! Total lost...errrrr...LOL

Nak jugak pegi Sugarscarf dua orang ni. Pusingan pantas okey! I grab 4 pcs, she grab 2 pcs! Siap dah ada target for next visit :) We manage our time right?

Halfmoon shawl yang sangat sweet & material chiffon yg sgt "drop nicely" bak kata SA sugarscarf ;)

Got it! Yeay!!

Ehem ;)

Kasih papa..

Siap SA Arzu tolong pakaikan Izzah hair clips Arzu

Takde motif. LOL

My adorable daughters. Love u all..muah!!

My strength =)

Walaupun penat ulang-alik JB-KL-JB tapi rasa berbaloi sebab dapat sama-sama berbincang dengan biz partners strategy untuk melebarkan sayap bisnes. Lebih bermakna lagi sebab all the partners memang di kalangan mereka yang positif dan ada impian tersendiri untuk masa hadapan. Kita mungkin rasa secure sekarang but how about our future? Usaha, doa dan tawakal insyaAllah dipermudahkan jalan olehNya. Ameen..

Peluang masih terbuka untuk u all semua. Bonus RM 4500 - RM 6500 is such a big amount right? Grab now!! Bisnes bermentor so no worries!! Kepada yang nak tahu lebih lanjut tentang Premium Beautiful, dipersilakan..


Monday, October 1, 2012


It's the Anniversary again!!!

1 OCTOBER 2001 ~ 1 OCTOBER 2012

Forever In Love..InsyaAllah..


Photo credit to my leader Ieja

Tak sabar rasanya nak lompat bintang macam ni depan Eiffel Tower nanti. This time around, I will be in the photo!! Yeah excited!!!

Just received a GOOD NEWS from my mentor that I qualified for next FREE TRIP which is LONDON & PARIS!! Phew..mimpi jadi kenyataan gituuuu..This is my 2nd trip semenjak buat bisnes ni tak sampai setahun. Syukur..

Arc De Tromphe

London Bridge    

Big Ben with a classic london bus

Eiffel Tower!!!    

Galeries Lafayette

Terasa macam dalam mimpi tapi inilah hakikatnya. The best part is I'm going with hubby and rakan-rakan bisnes!! And...kali ini our Green Leaders Group founder CDM Hanis Haizi bawa seramai 100 orang ke London & Paris. Confirm meriah!!!

My next aim nak bawa rakan kongsi for NEXT FREE TRIP. Ramai-ramai lebih meriah & seronok kan?

So do you want a FREE TRIP like this??



P/S : To Mr Hubby, consider this as an Anniversary Gift okay =)