Thursday, November 15, 2012

Breakfast And Business Meeting at Delicious Cafe, Midvalley

Have I mentioned before that in this business, we don't do it individually, we do it in a TEAM. So last Sunday we had a business meeting with our Mentor bakal CDM Shaliza Aziz at Delicious Cafe, Midvalley. Sambil breakfast sambil berdiskusi.

A taste of Great Britain

The breakfast menu

I choosed coffee latte for my breakfast

And a must-try Egg Benedict. It is super yummylicious!! If makan Egg Benedict as your breakfast, confirm kenyang sampai petang. Serioulsy, tak tipu =)

In this session all leaders in Beautilicious are gathered to share ideas and methods on how to improve and enlarge our business capacity. This session also called a power up session di mana our mentor akan bagi tips and strategy untuk majukan lagi bisnes Premium Beautiful. Dalam bisnes mesti ada mentor dan strategi barulah berjaya. Dalam bisnes ini juga bukan sahaja ilmu macam mana nak gain BIG INCOME yang diajar, leadership skills also been guided. Hebat kan? Itulah namanya every steps will be guided. In our Group memang budaya murni saling bantu antara satu sama lain, sebab tu our relationship memang baik because we are close at heart =)

Aura terserlah gitu. With my very supportive leader through out the good and bad, ups and downin business. She's always been there.

All of use together with the same mission to be accomplished

Best of the best privillage in Premium Beautiful business, beside the BIG INCOME, Free Trips 3 time A year, there is a CAR FUN-D for all entrepreneurs. Means that you are entitled for a free business car!! Awesomeness!!

CAR FUN-D everyone. Semangat!!

Everyone out there, come and be with us. Together we make our dreams come. Let's have a chit chat..


See you very soon!!!
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