Thursday, November 29, 2012

GLAM Dinner Exclusive By Green Leaders Group @ The Westin Kuala Lumpur

Fantastic, awesome, fabulous, glamorous!!

That is how I would described our GLAM Dinner last Saturday at The Westin Kuala Lumpur. A five star hotel as you know.

Let me tell you one by one what's happening that night. Everyone were having fun. I confirmed 100% on that =)

We had the very yummylicious welcoming cupcakes, cookies, cakes and macaroon! All are cute and pretty!! Ada yang tak sampai hati nak makan sebab cute sangat =)

Eating cupcakes with CDM Hanis =)

Like the prom nite, we also had a GLAM photobooth. Cool kan? Everyone memang tak lepaskan peluang untuk snap pictures di sini. Awesomeness!!

Suami-suami yang supportive!

The red carpet!!

The decoration seriuosly GLAM and exclusive. Gold and silver everywhere. Everything is GLAM including the glass! Can you imagine that?

The Crown for CDMs!!

The live band, Jesselton..

The dinner was gone WILD for a while. CDM Razali Zain in action! Gangnam Style mania!!

See that..CDM Adibah in pink dress dancing Gangnam and fyi, she is 38 weeks pregnant! Huhu

CDM Raz actually has singging talent or should we called it "rapperzz"..singing LOVE pointing to CDM Hanis ;)

When we talked about dinner, for sure we were looking for foods right? The food was super yummylicious. Trust me!!

Vanilla Panna Cotta

Then the lucky draws..tak pernah I pegi mana-mana dinner ada lucky draw macam ni ;

3 Vouchers from Zawara
3 Vouchers Makeover by Farrel Fahmi from MAC worth RM 300
3 Vouchers Dato Radzuan Radzwil RTW
Studio Photoshoot by Hafiz Atan Pictures worth RM 1000
Coach handbag, Kate Spade handbag worth RM 1500
GRAND PRIZE : 3D2N stay at Holiday Inn Glenmarie

Andddd congratulations to my business partners yang bertuah pada malam itu..

Bakal DSM Fetty for winning Dato Radzuan Radzwil voucher. Next Diamond Night boleh tempat baju dengan top designer. Wahhhh...curlasss gitu

DSM Syikin for winning the grand prize!!

Before menang the grand prize, Syikin kena menari dulu sebab ada 3 orang memegang nombor yang sama. Picture di atas after Syikin menang so she invited our lovely CDM Sha Khalid and CDM Hanis untuk menari together.

Congratulations Syikin!!!

Last but not least, a photoshoot session. It is a must!!

Enjoy the photos =)

GLAM Top Leaders, the CDMs

Premium Beautiful *TOP Agents

All of US!

The Beautilicious


Okay this one behind the scene before ke Westin Hotel. Nak upload juga

Love the make up!!

How was that? Amazing right?

We work hard, play hard.
Young and fun
With BIG dreams
Earning the BIG income

Come everyone
Be with us
Choose GLAM!!
Be in Green Leaders Group!!

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