Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Premium Beautiful Johor Power Up Session

Sejak menceburkan diri dalam biznes Premium Beautiful, my weekdays and weekends memang penuh dengan aktiviti yang bermanfaat and of course berbaloi =) Either business appointment, personal coaching, fitting new client, training, seminar or helping business partners all are the beneficial activities. Helping others is a good thing right?

So last Sunday diisi dengan power up session for my business partners yang mana mereka ni bakal-bakal Diamond yang akan menyinar pada Diamond Night nanti. Wow!! Best kan? Biasanya Sunday mostly people just relax at home or have a window shopping with family and friends, but I choosed to sacrifice now for a TIME FREEDOM in the future. Tak lama pun..in the next 2 years. InsyaAllah. And alhamdulillah, with a very supportive husband and very understanding daughters I could do my responsibilities with no doubt.

Power up session start as early as 9.00 am. Breakfast together with bakal DSM Fetty at Chamek kopitiam. Rasa macam dah lama sangat tak breakfast ala-ala kopitiam. Hehe.

Aiming for BIG BONUS & rewards for this November!!

After that terus ke AEON Tebrau City, Johor Bahru  for next session with SSM Elly Yana. Elly ni baru je berumur 25 tahun tapi dah nampak in future nak jadi macam mana. Kagum dengan semangat Elly.

A young lady with BIG DREAMS!!!

Next was the power up session with DSM Syikin Salleh. Syikin is one of the Diamond yang akan menyinar di pentas Diamond. Congrats dear.Proud of u!!

Mama who aim to have TIME & FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Amin..

Sempat lagi cuci mata. Hehe. Inilah yang best nya. Shopping mall is my office! =)

Alhamdulillah 3 power up session dapat diselesaikan dengan jayanya as planned. I feel great to help others in achieving their dreams. You guys also can be my protege. InsyaAllah I will guide you all the way.

Memandangkan pagi hingga ke petang I spent time for business, later at night I spare the time for my lovely family. Walaupun buat bisnes, masa dengan family tetap ada. We manage our time so don't worry okay. Just make your first step now. JUST DO IT!!

Just leave me a message or you can call/text/whatsapp me at


See you very soon!!

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