Saturday, December 1, 2012

20th Anniversary Celebration


Hai-O Marketing for the tremendous success through out this 20 years!!!

Last Saturday 24 November 2012 we had a celebration for our company at Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam. Menghimpunkan semua usahawan yang datang dari seluruh Malaysia yang turut sama meraikan ulang tahun syarikat. We are proud to be a part of this wonderful success.

Majlis Ulang Tahun ke 20 (UT 20) turut meraikan Crown Diamond Managers in 2012. From Green Leaders Group itself ada 6 orang CDM yang naik pentas! One of them is my "kecil-kecil cili padi" CDM Sha Khalid. In 2011 I went to Majlis Ulang Tahun Syarikat bersama suami dan 3 orang rakan kongsi, alhamdulillah in 2012 lebih ramai rakan kongsi yang hadir sama. Syukur sangat.

Now, let's enjoy the photos during that day =)

The successful couples. Adore them the most!

Ready for UT 20 =)

My husband, my pillars, my die hard supporter.


Ya habibi Ya maulana..beli PB sama ana =)

The businessman

The future is something for me to work for

With the business partners from all over Malaysia

With my CDM yang diraikan CDM Sha Khalid. Beautiful dress Sha!

With my mentor, my supportive leader bakal CDM Shaliza Aziz

My protege, my sister bakal DSM Faliha

Shila Amzah live performance!!

Also the powerful voice of Dayang Nurfaizah

CDM Hainis Haizi been interviewed by the media. CDM celebrity!

The committed and successful husband and wife

We will be successful like them one day. InsyaAllah. Amin..

Kumpulan nasyid. Hehe

A must have photo. With the glamorous CDM Hanis Haizi =)

With my protege bakal SSM Fadh. She is an assistant engineer in a big company. Still she's looking for time and financial freedom. Let's follow her steps!

After 4 months delivered my second baby. Consistently wearing Premium Beautiful 8 hours per day. I am more than happy with the result =)

Make up by Didi, the MUA, my future business partner ;)

My love, my life

And yang paling havoc sekali ialah during the group photo session! As usual..

See that? The paparazzi. LOL

Ape la yang kelakar tu? Hahahaha

Hafiz Atan sedang memberi arahan

The Green Leaders Group!!

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And we try to make it better

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