Friday, December 7, 2012

Premium Beautiful Johor Next Top Agent

Unity is strength..when there is team work and collaboration, WONDERFUL things can be achieved.

Alhamdulillah..I've been surrounded with wonderful people, wonderful partners and definitely wonderful team! Thank you guys for your support!

Last Saturday, we had a business discussion with all my Premium Beautiful agents in Johor Bahru. Johorian rawks! T_____T

As usual, I choosed Grand Paragon Hotel Johor Bahru for our business meeting since it has a very nice ambience and the food was not bad. Ok, out of topic. So this time around we had our supportive leader all the way from Kuala Lumpur, bakal CDM Shaliza Aziz. Yes, in our team we work together, distance is not an issue here. Zaman teknologi canggih, most of us have smart phones, actively 'facebooking', tweeting, blogging, google, whatsapp, bbm so memang tiada masalah untuk bekerjasama. It's all online and in Green Leaders Group we fully utilized the Social Media as our marketing technique. Easy right?

The business meeting were started from 5pm to 7pm and it was a great session sharing knowledge and guide my business partners to improve and upgrade our business from time to time. My biggest hope is all the business partners clear the way forward to be a successful entrepreneur just like our leaders. So Johorians, prove it that we could succeed!!

Cranberry cheesecake & local coffee

Khusyuk mendengar pesanan & kata-kata semangat dari our leader

Serius =)

Pasangan adik-beradik muda dan berjiwa besar

The Premium Beautiful ladies

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