Sunday, February 24, 2013

Seminar Diamond Go CDM 2013 | GLAM

Being in the right team is very important, having the right mentor whom be able to guide and hold your hands to success are also an important element in a journey of achieving the real FREEDOM. Not only that, your journey is supported by the Company and even recognized by the Government, with the intensive training provided. Sounds pretty awesome right?

 Here in Green Leaders Academy Malaysia, born the great leaders every month, achievement one after another with more than 10 Crown Diamond Managers eventhough baru bertapak selama 4 tahun di dalam industri! And for that achievements the Company Hai-O Marketing Sdn Bhd had organized and sponsored a very special Diamond Seminar Go CDM Program 2013 exclusive for the GLAMpreneurs! Feeling great and lucky and I believed that I am in the right team and so do the rest of GLAMpreneurs.

And the speaker for that day bukanlah calang-calang orang. We have Mr Winston Wong, a successful entrepreneur, a well known motivational speaker, a Chairman of MLM Academy. Personally this seminar memang sangat-sangat berbeza and banyak sangat ilmu baru plus from this seminar we got a very clear understanding of the industry that we are involving. It is the BIG industry, really!

CDM 2013..Amin!

Before the seminar

With all Diamonds in my team. Syikin, Faliha & Fetty. All are leaders!

Go CDM!! Mr Winston Wong is the one with a grey suit. It is grey actually but dalam gambar nampak macam beige =)

The GLAMpreneurs!

With our beloved mentor CDM Sha Khalid & CDM Hanis Haizi

Who says men can't do Premium Beautiful business?

One day, I will be successful like her. Amin! The most inspiring mentor and super committed leader.

Another mumpreneur, my beloved CDM Sha Khalid. Was an engineer and now chooses to be a mumpreneur with TIME & FINANCIAL FREEDOM. AIm to be like her. Very soon!

Daripada tak pernah bertegur sapa, now become my besties in business and real life. We shared the same goals, thank you dear for bringing me into this business!

My backbone in whatever I do. Thank you for your full support through out this journey and we will build this business empire together okay!

Million thanks to the founder of GLAM CDM Hanis Haizi and the co-founder CDM Razali Zain for arranging this special seminar for all of us. Hopefully in the future ada lagi seminar sebegini so we can bring more partners =)

Last but not least, as a wrap up


Free style. Men also love to have time & financial freedom!

Call/text me 013-7415271

Join our next seminar. It is going to be great!

Premium Beautiful | GLOW Johor Bahru

Assalamualaikum & Hi everyone :)

First of all, so sorry because this is very late entry ;) Been busy with daily activities, business appointments, family activites and so on. Life is so colourful, does it great?

So last 9 Feb 2013, was our second GLOW in Johor Bahru!! This GLOW is special for my team in Johor with  fresh topics that very useful for our business. Sebab tu everyone mampu buat bisnes ni, knowledge and free coaching provided and we just implement it. The knowledge is exclusive only at GLOW and GLAM :)

Alhamdulillah from the day one I'm in this business memang rasa bertuah kerana bernaung di bawah sayap Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (GLAM) yang sememangnya semakin berkembang dan kukuh walaupun baru bertapak 4 tahun. The secret? It's all about the fully utilization of the internet!! Ye la kan..daripada online tanpa dapat apa-apa better kita gunakan internet untuk generate income. Simple business yet could generate 5-6 figures income per month! Wanna know how? Just contact me okay =)

Bakal CDM Ija, all the way from Kuala Lumpur datang ke Johor Bahru semata-mata nak berkongsi ilmu & semangat with all the biz partners. We are thankful to have you as a mentor!

SSM Elly, miss emcee and one of the speaker that day. A young lady with a big heart & big dreams. Proud with her spirit. Muda-muda lagi dah fikir tentang masa depan.

And this is part of my team yang hadir pada GLOW tersebut. Ada yg tak dapat hadir atas sebab-sebab yg tak dapat dielakkan.

All the Shanghai qualifiers & fighters!!

InsyaAllah we will have this GLOW frequently, so everyone in Johor, let's be part of my team. Ramai-ramai kita gegarkan Shanghai!!

See you very soon..


Friday, February 8, 2013

4 Wonderful Years | Happy Anniversary!!

It's a belated entry..I still wanna post it:)

It's our 4th wedding anniversary..alhamdulillah. Thank you all for the wishes and doa.

Doakan kami sukses, diberkati & berbahagia hingga ke akhirnya. Amin..

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sales Manager & Senior Sales Manager Award | January 2013


To all Sales Manager and Senior Sales Manager for your achievement..this is just a beginning and definitely a lot more to come!!

In this business, bukan sahaja pangkat tertinggi diraikan malah yang baru memulakan langkah turut diraikan. Each everyone of us being appreciated by the company. Mana nak dapat kat luar sana kan? Contoh macam kerja sekarang, agak-agak pernah tak kita diraikan sampai naik pentas macam ni?

The first event of 2013 meraikan entrepreneurs yang berpangkat Sales Manager & Senior Sales Manager..Feb 2012 I was on stage and now masa untuk meraikan rakan kongsi pula ;) semakin ramai & berkembang. So everyone..let's celebrate!!

Antara business partners yang naik pentas terima award pada hari tersebut

With SSM Olyn. My ex-schoolmate and now become my anak in business. Both of us have the same aim and ambition, to have financial & time freedom. All for our kids and family!

With SSM Hani. Also a mom of 2 kids. Aim for financial and time freedom. InsyaAllah together we work for it okay!

My Diamonds tengah queue nak naik pentas. DSM Syikin & bakal DSM Faliha

With bakal DSM Faliha's Group. All from different background.

The Johorean =)

With bakal SSM Ilyah from Ampang

Me =) Last minute decided to go out with this style. Not bad la kan..should have an accecories kat bahagian pinggang but it's last minute so pakai apa yang ada. Hehe. Tops & hijab from Saraya Zahret, skirt from RNR Collection.

Gambar wajib depan cermin

Make up by MUA Kak Intan. Dah 2 kali make up dengan beliau. Will make a review about this in different entry ya!

Again, congratulations to all business partners!! Will see you again at Diamond Night yang lebih GLAM and shine!!


Everyone, let be with us today!! Free coaching, more fun, more time and financial freedom ahead!