Wednesday, March 20, 2013

London & Paris Holiday | Teaser

Assalamualaikum & hello everyone :)

Our 10 days sponsored holiday to London & Paris has ended with a great fun and memories. Alhamdulillah..banyak sangat nak cerita insyaAllah I will share it part by part okay. Gambar tersangatlah banyak baru transfer to lappy. Soon will be uploaded here & facebook ya.
Overall I can say that this trip was so meaningful, so exciting because we didn't pay for the flight tickets, the hotels, the food, but the company does. Thanks to Hai-O for giving us such a great holiday experience, 5 star services, experienced tour leader & tempat-tempat yg dilawati memang sangat menarik! We just brought our pocket money and of course spent it for shopping. That's what we and shopping!!

I will continue the story later ya..stay tuned!

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