Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Glamjourneys | From Kuala Lumpur To Incheon

Assalamualaikum & Hello Everyone,

Alhamdulillah, Seoul Korea marked as our third free trip bersama Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (GLAM) fully sponsored by Hai-O. It was an amazing trip tambah-tambah lagi kali ni dapat pergi together with our business partner DSM Olyn and DSM Faeza. We all di sana from 16 until 20 September 2013. 4 days 3 night stay yang sangat awesome! Overall 160 Glampreneurs fly to Seoul, we definitely conquered the flight! Bayangkan 160 orang from GLAM sahaja, means everyone could have a chance for free vacation in overseas. Fair business. :)

Travelling with GLAM, tak sah kalau tak ada tema. So for that day we were wearing our very first GLAM tee "I Love GLAM".

Muka-muka excited nak fly to Korea. Olyn & Faeza are first timer for free trip :)
We are ready to fly!!
Hubby, my backbone, my no. 1 supporter, my transporter, my bantal peluk, Every trip mesti ada sama :)

The Diamond Circle masing-masing dengan luggage yang besar supaya senang nak isi hasil tangkapan. hehe
With my best buddy CDM Ija yang banyak berjasa. Thanks babe. 
When they happy, I am happier. Love u girls

Percaya pada diri dengan harapan dan keyakinan! All set, ready to fly!
Sempat lagi tinggalkan pesan pada business partners, seminggu nak tinggalkan diorang rasa macam setahun. Berbakul nasihat berbentuk whatsapp. Hehe

From Kuala Lumpur to Incheon took around 6 hours. Budget boleh tidur sepanjang perjalanan tapi masing-masing excited so ada yang tidur, ada yang layan movie. Korean Air memang best and spacious. Orang tinggi kalau duduk pun lutut tak berlaga dengan seat depan. Nice.

Since buat bisnes barulah merasa naik flight untuk perjalanan jauh. If not just KL-JB-KL je. Syukur!
Excited for their first trip :)
Reading paper in flight anyone? lol

The journey agak lancar. Ada juga facing turbulance but everything was under control. Stewardess comel-comel kulit putih gebus. But we can't snap their picture. Huhu.

We all safely landed at Incheon airport 6.30 am local time. Waktu di Malaysia 5.30am. Since wearrived early so we had ample time to freshen up and had a cup of coffeebefore we start our activities fir the first day.

Simpan apa-apa yang patut dalam check in luggage

Alhamdulillah..sampai juga di bumi Korea
Happy us from Korea!! Go green go!!

Serba sedikit about the departure and arrival stories. Enjoy the photos? I will share our activities for Day 1 in Seoul in the next entry okay. Stay tuned :)

For more photos, do visit my Facebook page Seoul Day 0 photos.

Thank you for reading and your support. Stay tuned at this page ya.

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