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Gold Coast 2014 | Kuala Lumpur - Changi - Brisbane

Alhamdulillah. The day that we’ve been waiting for had come. 15 February until 20 February 2014 were our 4th fully sponsored trip to Gold Coast Australia!! Ya Allah macam tak percaya dah jejakkan kaki di Kangaroo Land. Excited. Nervous pun ada. Apa-apa pun syukur alhamdulillah.

We the GLAMpreneurs gathered at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) at 5.30pm and our flight to Singapore at 8.30pm vis Singapore Airlines. Transit di Changi Airport. Dekat dengan rumah saya dah tu! J And from Changi Airport we flew to Brisbane International Airport. 

Excited me with all the details given by our tour guide.

With all the qualifiers in my team. Ready to rawk Gold Coast! From left, bakal DSM Suhaili, bakal DDM Olyn, me and bakal DSM Aini

Bakal DDM Syikin also datang KLIA untuk hantar we all sambil ambil aura. InsyaAllah Shanghai confirm pergi dengan rakan kongsi ya :)

The Diamond Circle with founder of GLAM, CDM Hanis Haizi & CDM Razali Zain. Guess what? CDM Hanis was in 15 days confinement! Thank you dear for your support. Walaupun tak dapat pergi sama tapi tetap hantar we all di KLIA.

Haha funny boys! Son of GLAMpreneur bak kata Fariz. And that cheeky Haikal is soooo cute! May I introduce to you my mentor in business, CDM Shaliza Aziz. Not just a mentor but also a good friend too. Beliaulah yang mencanai saya sehingga ke tahap sekarang. And I'm following her steps very closely!

This trip was special because most of our The Diamond Circle (TDC) members are celebrating their birthdays in February and for us, it was our Anniversary month. Double excitement!

My husband. Very supportive. We work together as a team. In life, in business, in parenting, in everything. Proud of u dear! As a reward, this is our 5th Anniversary gift :)

One of our committed partner Suhaili and her husband Rizal. Both are supporting each other. From unknown we become closer. Proud of her too!. This was her first fully sponsored trip and it's Gold Coast!!

Checking the luggage tag.

All set. Ready to fly. Both of us brought a big luggage each. The biggest I think. Senang nak sumbat barang kekdahnya :)
Baru di KLIA dah sakan bergambar. Haha. Masing-masing sawan kamera.

Video call before take off. Miss the girls already.

It took around 1 hour flew from KLIA to Changi Airport. Sempat makan kacang je. Lol.

Transit here for about 3 hours. Sempat dinner.

Skytrain to Terminal 3

We were given SGD 20 voucher each for us to spend. All of us ate Burger King. Kenyang. Banyak tu SGD 20 can cover for 2 sets of Whooper. Duit makan pun company bagi. Ya Allah syok betul free trip ni.

So at 12.45 midnight our flight from Changi Airport to Brisbane International Airport began. Hari pun dah malam so kita tidur saja ya. 

And here we are! Arrived at Brisbane International Airport at around 10.30 am local time (mind you that the time is 2 hours ahead from Malaysia). Settle check in, masing-masing terus freshen up. Maklumlah almost 8 hours n flight masing-masing muka baru bangun tidur. Hehe.  

We had some video shoot here at Brisbane International Airport. Nampak tak muka-muka excited itu?
From Brisbane to Gold Coast. Our exciting journey yeay!

From Brisbane to Gold Coast took around 1 hour drive via motorway. We were heading straight to Paradise Country Farm. A must visit place in Gold Coast.

Next story to be continued ya. Stay tuned!

And yes, now the opportunity for you to go along with us to Shanghai for free is open for everybody.

Please do contact us to grab the chance.

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See ya!

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