Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pandora Fever!!

Oh my! Gold Coast in just 3 days to go!!

Heard from friends, Pandora over there is cheaper than in Malaysia. Wow!!

So apalagi terus browse website Pandora hehe. Macam-macam design yang cantik. Those yang dah biasa dengan Pandora, confirm tahu once you involved with Pandora, you will be addicted. Yes. Sampai rasa juling mata tengok charms :)

Since we will go to Aussie this coming Saturday, we open order to friends and family yang nak kirim beli di sana. We are not selling Pandora, but alang-alang dah ke sana boleh tolong belikan sekali. Save 15%-20% from Malaysia. Why miss it?

So anyone yang nak pesan juga, feel free to contact us ya. Last order and payment by today.

Ain : 0137415271
Ezam : 0137445271

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