Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happy Birthday!!

Yesterday was his birthday. We had a small yet meaningful celebration at home.

The yummy Victoria Sandwich Cake! Look at the strawberries and grapes!

Actually kek ni ada kisah tersendiri. Konon nak buat surprise tapi tak menjadi. A day before the celebration, I made a payment for this cake. The price is RM 90 but guess what? I transferred RM 900 to the seller's account!! Haha bengong tak? Cepat-cepat contact the seller and alhamdulillah the money refund back to my account. Hahahah. Thank you Balkis for being so nice and honest. Definitely will repeat order with you.

So disebabkan that incident, surprise tidak menjadi. Yelah kan dah tersilap transfer mestilah nak kena bagitahu husband. Lol!

As expected. Only the fruits menjadi santapan puteri-puteri sekalian.

Yes. He's right.

Happy birthday sayang! Happy birthday papa!

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