Sunday, May 10, 2015

Empire Hotel Subang, Subang Jaya | Hotel Review

Last weekend, we had a short gateaway since cuti pun panjang kan. So we decided untuk bawa kids ke Kuala Lumpur and check in hotel. Normally bila bawa kids, we all memang suka try different hotels. Bukan apa, saja nak tengok beza and kids totally tak kisah. Diorang suka je tidur hotel :)

Booking through, boleh dapat special rate. Less than RM 250 per night. Okay lah kan for 4 star hotel :)

In term of location memang mudah nak cari. Guna waze sangat mudah. And the landmark is Empire Shopping Gallery. So if you can find the shopping mall, definitely you will get Empire Hotel Subang, Subang Jaya.

Picture credit to Google

From google too. The room is so spacious

The wardrobe. Lengkap with iron and ironing board.

Cermin besar untul sefie wefie :)

Masa ni nak pergi dinner. Excited sangat budak berdua ni :)

The corridor. Cantik!

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur!

In term of hospitality pula, memang okay. From the front desk, the trolley facilities and the room service memang efektif. Thumbs up!

In term of foods pula, I prefer other hotel such as Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya with variety of food choice. Macam di Empire Hotel Subang, bila food dah habis they didn't top up or lambat top up I'm not sure.

In overall, we were statisfied with our one night stay at the hotel. A king size bed plus a baby cot plus a spacious room (puas Izzah Ifra berlari), the parking, easy access to the mall..I would recommend this hotel if you have plan for a short gate away with your family.

Before check out, wajib posing dulu. Oh the room interior was nice!

Anak dara ku sudah pandai posing :)

Ifra pun nak jugak

Sisters. Our bundle of joy..

Papa mama. Izzah dah pandai snap picture now. Good job kakak!

Kenapa diorang ni tinggi? Hehe. I have tall daughters :)

After check out, simpan all the luggage dalam kereta and terus having lunch at Teh Tarik Place. By the way, hotel parking is complementary even dah checkout we still can park our car at the hotel car park. Best.

Selfie sebelum turun tangga nak ke mall

After lunch, hubby took the kids to Kidzoona, a playground for kids. Tempatnya tak besar tapi macam-macam ada dalam tu :)

The enjoyed very much!

While hubby and the kids having fun at Kidzoona, mama was having a personal coaching with bakal Diamond Aini Talib. Sambil menyelam minum air namanya. Alhamdulillah we love what we do :)

End of short gateaway :) 

InsyaAllah more hotel reviews to be shared. Stay tuned ya :)

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